Who inspires you? Here’s what our team has to say.

We asked members of the 1MISSION team what – or who – inspires them in their work to put more families in houses. Here’s what they had to say.

Nate Hughes – VP of Partnerships
I’m not sure I have someone specific, but for me it is all about the families on the field. Every time I’m down in Mexico I find myself reinvigorated to do my job. They are working hard in their communities and it motivates me to work hard in my community to raise up money and partners to help these families get in homes. Most recently it was the families that served alongside my team as we built a house. Every time I get to sign a house recipient’s “hours worked” form, it brings tears to my eyes.

Image: Nate Hughes dedicating a new house with his two young boys in Puerto Peñasco.

Ana Gonzales – Project Liasion
I get inspired by Fatima (from Nicaragua), Margarita (from El Salvador), Emilia (from Miguel Alemán, Mexico). All of them are strong women who have touched my life, helping me to find my purpose. They work hard for their families and community. Also, all the kids that I have played with in the communities, they are my motivation for doing what I do.

“I may not be able to stop poverty around the world, but I’m sure I can make a difference during my time on earth.”

I also get inspired by Greg and Mirla. They are role models for a perfect couple who work together for the same passion. Their love and humility is pretty contagious. They don’t like the spotlight on them, but Jesus shines brightly through them.

Left Image: Ana (right) building alongside locals in Nicaragua. Right Image: There is no doubt Ana is the favorite among the kids in any community she visits.

Katie Jensen – Executive Administrator
I would say my sister, Brittany. I have always looked up to her and she’s always been a huge advocate and encourager to me. She’s the reason I got involved with 1MISSION in the first place! Seeing the courage and passion it took for her and Dustin to move down to Mexico straight out of college and fully trust that God was going to provide for them is still inspiring to me. And if you talk to any of the ladies down in Mexico that had the chance to meet Britt, it’s obvious that her time down there had a lasting impact on their lives.

Image: Katie (left) and her sister, Brittany, spending quality time with kids they met while building a house in Puerto Peñasco.

Greg Yochim – VP of International Operations
There isn’t one specific person who inspires me. Instead, over the years I’ve been inspired more by a type of person. That person is someone who has grown up being taught to believe certain preconceived notions of other people. And yet, they were willing to open themselves up, become vulnerable and challenge those preconceptions, even at great personal cost. I’ve met many such people and hesitate to pick one because I draw inspiration from all of them.

Images: Greg working, and taking a break, during a trip to build houses in Puerto Peñasco.

Now it’s your turn.

Tell us where you draw your inspiration as you partner with us as campaigners, build trip participants, or donors. Use the hashtag #Why1MISSION on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll share some of our favorites.


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