We all need inspiration. So, who inspires you?

This spring, we shared a post with reflections from a few 1MISSION team members about what – or who – inspires them in their work to put more families in houses. Here’s what several others on the team have to say.

Erin Petersen – Events Coordinator
Both of my boys inspire me to do this work. It was the first trip that we took down to Puerto Peñasco with my oldest son that really lit the fire under me to get involved and to do more. Seeing the joy on my kids’ faces when they talk about what I do for a living inspires me each day to be the best version of myself and to continue to make an impact, not only on my kids’ lives, but the lives of the families that we help put into safe and secure homes. It’s a mother’s dream.

Merle Yochim – Trip Administrator
It is the collective “she” of the women of Puerto Peñasco who have fueled me, encouraged me, and inspired me to join them in their love for their families and for this community. From my very first interaction with these ladies I have been overwhelmed by their deep generosity, their protectiveness of their families, and for their drive to work harder and do more. They are able to look past their own limitations and find ways to help and support each other. I have seen them pool their resources to help each other with small things like school supplies for a child, to grand things like purchasing a land lot so a friend could receive a home. Of course, this is all while they are living day to day, struggling to meet their own needs. They have grasped opportunities to learn new skills, and have brought their children and husbands with them, striving to improve their lives, day by day, little by little.

Edric Gallegos – Finance Director
There isn’t one person specifically. What really inspires me in this work is the life transformation many of my fellow Sonorans experience through our community development program. It’s also important to mention everything Pedro and the rest of the field staff do to give poverty-stricken families and communities the opportunity to flourish.

Natalie Abeyta – Partnerships Team Associate
From parents and pastors to podcasts, I’ve had the privilege of having many different influencers in my life that have inspired and encouraged me to live a life devoted to helping people. The motto, “Love others the way God loves you” has helped cast that vision for my life. With that in mind, this kind of work comes naturally – I just have the opportunity to do it as a job.

Steve Doerksen – Church Partnerships Director
My biggest inspiration has been my dad who, as a general contractor, as a college VP, and as a church board member, has built many houses and buildings. Consequently, after years of fruitful work there are many structures I can point out to my sons and tell them, “Your grandpa built that.” Now, I don’t have my dad’s penchant for construction (I’m barely qualified to be a grunt helper on the 1MISSION house builds I’ve done with my church), but I’m inspired to work hard to plant churches, help build CHE campuses, and develop leaders in the barrio – all of which will outlive me, God willing.

How about you? Tell us where you draw your inspiration to make a difference in the world.

Use the hashtag #Why1MISSION on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll share some of our favorites!

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