What can you do with a pile of trash?

When the going gets tough, the tough get… creative.

2020 has been a year full of challenges. And for many people – including the families we serve – we’re not talking minor inconveniences.

When the pandemic hit, families living in poverty were hit especially hard. Besides the obvious health emergency that continues, shutdowns have also taken an economic toll. In Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, where tourism makes up a large part of the local economy, many of our friends have found themselves temporarily out of work.

For these families, the hardship is real.

But rather than simply complaining about circumstances beyond their control, these families have gotten creative.

Through 1MISSION’s community development programs, local families took what they had available to them – in many cases, stuff we’d consider trash – and turned them into both functional products and beautiful works of art.

Old tires were turned into planters to be filled with flowers or vegetables. Discarded wine bottles were cut and sanded, ultimately becoming drinking glasses and vases, light fixtures and candle holders.

More recently, with the holidays coming up, old wooden pallets have been turned into decorative Christmas trees. And empty paint cans were converted into festive centerpieces.

These creative projects helped families make up for lost income while also beautifying their homes at a time when, honestly, everyone could use some cheering up.

More than that, the process of turning trash into treasure was something they could do together – in community – even if it meant working outside, several feet apart, to keep each other safe.

#MoreThanAHouse is more than a tagline. It’s about honoring the God-given creativity of every person, no matter where they live or what they have. It’s how communities grow and flourish. And yes, sometimes it’s about turning trash into treasure.

Please join us by making a one-time gift today.

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