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Realtors are in the business of helping people buy their dream home. And at 1MISSION, we’re committed to giving people in poverty the opportunity to fulfill their own dream of homeownership.

So, we thought, why not join forces?

Two years ago, that’s exactly what we did. Through a new initiative called House to House, we began partnering with realtors and others in the housing industry.

To test the idea, we focused exclusively on the Arizona real estate market. And the response has been tremendous.

Today, we have 62 realtors on board – as well as an entire brokerage! Best of all, more than 20 houses in Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua have been funded through this initiative alone.

House to House has now reached a tipping point. It’s time to expand outside of Arizona, while taking partner care to the next level. And we’re looking for the perfect person to help us do just that.

We’re hiring for a new full-time position based at our office in downtown Phoenix, and we’re counting on you – yes, you! – to help us find the ideal candidate.

Our new Partnerships Director (see job description) will be a self-starter who cares about poverty and can inspire people to take action. He or she will have the ability to multitask like nobody’s business while hitting deadlines and delivering results. Oh, and did we mention the part about being a relational ninja?

If this sounds like you, we can’t wait to hear from you. We’re accepting applications through June 15.

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