“We Love This Family!”

Kirk and Stefanie Borg are long-time members of the Supply Yard, our community of monthly givers. We asked them to share the story of one family that has impacted them over the years. Here’s what they had to say.

“In the spring of 2016, our family had the opportunity to serve alongside the Mendoza Flores family. We have been doing trips with 1MISSION since the inception but this family stood out.

From the start they were alongside us from day one. Hector had a background in carpentry and painting so helped the foreman with framing and his wife Olga was right there as well. What really made our hearts warm was her cooking lunch for the group. Remember, they only make around $4 (US) a week, so the lunch was most likely a whole week’s worth of their budget.

After the three days they were like family to us. It was such a joyful time celebrating with them from the fiesta night to the next day when the Spanish Bible and keys were given. Tears of joy all around for the entire crew and family.

We still stop by when we are in Rocky Point to say hi. We love this family!”

To join the Borgs as members of the Supply Yard—making a lasting difference in people’s lives on an ongoing basis—you can learn more here.

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