“There’s Always Something New to Learn.”

As the daughter of founders Jason and Tina Law, Maddie (16) has been coming to Mexico with 1MISSION since before she can remember. So as the organization has grown up, so has she. We wanted to know what has impacted her the most over the years. Here’s what she said.
“Last fall, I went on a trip and talked with Jackeline, whose house we were building. She said to me, ‘Anytime you’re back, come visit.’ And so I did. I was back in December and I stopped by to visit. It was great getting to see the final result, how they were living in their new home and how it made a huge difference. It completely changed their life.
Every time I come on a build trip with friends, we talk about how these experiences change our perspective on everything back home: ‘Wow, I have food on my plate every night. I have hot water at home every single day. I always have clean clothes to put on.’ The little things we worry about at home and the things families might worry about here are very different. So coming on build trips not only makes a difference here, it also changes our perspective when we return home.
Even though I’ve been doing build trips my whole life—with my parents or with our church—the significance of it has never changed. I’ve always learned something new, and have always built relationships. There’s always something new to learn and experience.

“I think that 1MISSION makes a big difference because we’re building community. We’re not doing it for someone, we’re doing it with them.”

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