The Best is Yet to Come

Over the past 15 days, we have shared 15 stories to celebrate 1MISSION’s 15 years—none of which would be possible without your support. And as you can imagine, this is just a sliver of the many more stories we could tell.

Every family that has earned a new house—nearly 1,100 of them now—have their own stories that mean a lot to them. The same could be said of every partner like you who has been on a build trip, or participated in Bikes Fight Poverty, or given up a birthday, or attended the Gala. We all have stories that mean a lot to us.

Some of these stories may be similar to mine. Before I joined the 1MISSION team all those years ago, I was a trip participant. As I served in that way, I saw the huge impact we could have on the lives of families. I know many of you know exactly what I mean.

Once 1MISSION touches your life, we hope your life is transformed. Because stories like these are meant to transform us. Relationships with people who are different from us are meant to transform us.

My wife and I have been child sponsors through another organization for over 30 years. We know those funds have been transformational, and yet we can’t remember a time when we missed that money.

New stories of transformation are unfolding all around us every day, too many to tell. And one of the best ways to become an ongoing part of this larger story of transformation is by joining the Supply Yard. As a member of this monthly giving community, you will impact a different family every single month—even when you’re not able to be there in person.

On behalf of the 1MISSION team and the families we serve, we’re thankful to God for blessing this ministry, and thankful to you for 15 incredible years of partnership. Here’s to everything that’s yet to come.

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