Meet Tami, a Bikes Fight Poverty rider

As we get closer and closer to Bikes Fight Poverty 2023 (it’s coming up on April 22!), we thought we’d ask a rider, Tami Madura, why she loves this community and this cause so much. Here’s what she had to say!

1. Tell us about how you got connected to 1MISSION and Bikes Fight Poverty.
I had several connections to Bikes Fight Poverty through my church, CCV, both with fellow coaches and on a mission trip to Kenya (Lisa was my roommate), so I was interested. Then my neighbor (Trinna) invited me to ride with her and some of her friends. We were fairly new to the area and I’d been praying for God to bring some “girlfriends” into my life and I saw Bikes Fight Poverty as an answer to those prayers. Once we started training rides, I was hooked!!

2. In addition to participating in Bikes Fight Poverty, you’ve also been part of 1MISSION build trips. How has the experience of working alongside local families on trips impacted the way you train and ride?
Seeing the effort the families put in to obtain a house makes the training worth the time and effort it takes. After meeting the families waiting to get a home, it made me want to raise enough funds to get them all in homes asap!

3. On a scale of 99-100, how excited are you for the 2023 ride??
110!! New adventures are always great.

4. What would you say to someone who’s never done Bikes Fight Poverty before but is on the fence?
Come train with us and you will not regret it. I didn’t even have a bike before I started training. 1MISSION is a great cause and the ride is a fun way to support it.

There is just one week left until the registration fee for Bikes Fight Poverty goes up. Register now for just $150 to secure your spot for the April 22, 2023 ride!

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