Summer in Puerto Peñasco

Here in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, summer is officially underway. The sun is out in full force and humidity is on the rise. Tourists are mostly gone until the fall, and the spring build trip season has also come to an end.

So what does the summer look like for those of us who live here? More importantly, what does it look like for the families we serve?

Summer is a time when life slows down, when we do what we can to stay hydrated and to hide from the sun. Many jobs here are seasonal, and with schools on summer break, a lot of families get to spend quality time together. The vibe I get when I do house visits is that people use this time to strengthen their relationships—while also doing house projects, like cleaning patios and working on new additions.

Many families also use these slower months to go to the beach. While many men and women in the community work at or near the beach during tourist season, this is the only time of year they get to enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez for themselves. Kids especially love these times of carefree fun.

As for the local 1MISSION team, work continues… although it looks different. Our construction crew uses this time to get their tools and supplies in order and to prepare for the coming build trip season. Those who lead our community development work take part in new training activities and work together to refresh our strategy. And the team at basecamp focus on all kinds of maintenance projects that can’t happen when all of you are here!

But this is also a time for our team to recharge, since they work so hard the rest of the year and don’t get very much time off. So we get together to shoot some hoops, and then eat carne asada or ceviche. And of course, we all spend time with our families.

Regardless of the season, we remain committed to the families we serve, and especially the most vulnerable. For those who don’t have electricity—whether they’re in an old house, or are in a new house that’s not yet connected to the grid—they suffer a bit. Some families have told me that during the summer they will sleep on the roof, because at least there’s a breeze up there. Fortunately, with the new house model, families are able to open the windows, which helps. And some have even installed solar panels that give them enough juice to power a small fan for the kids.

It’s for these families that we work so hard. And it’s these families you’re partnering with as supporters of 1MISSION. Thank you for your commitment and your sacrificial generosity. You’re truly making a lasting difference in these families’ lives.

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