Something to celebrate

You may know that families earning a house through 1MISSION serve at least 400 hours in a variety of community development programs.

But here’s something that may surprise you: many families continue serving in these initiatives after earning a house. That’s how much the new skills and new sense of community mean to them.

Here’s another surprise: lots of families—neighbors and friends who learn about 1MISSION through word of mouth—choose to participate in these programs without any plans to earn a house!

We think that’s something to celebrate. Here’s why.

These community development programs weren’t dreamed up in a boardroom in Phoenix. If we had come up with them, the programs would most likely be out of touch with real life in the communities we serve. But thankfully, that’s not the case.

Instead, these initiatives are created and led by members of the local community, which means they reflect not just the needs of a particular place but also the special talents and abilities right there, just waiting to be tapped into.

The process is just as important as the result. It’s a process designed to affirm the God-given dignity of every participant while they cultivate new skills and ultimately make their community a better place.

That’s the kind of thing lots of people want to invest in and be part of, regardless of their housing situation.

Last year, between Puerto Peñasco and Miguel Alemán—the two communities where we serve in Mexico—men and women who are not in the process of earning a new house served 8,344 hours in 1MISSION’s community development programs. For perspective, that’s 35% of the total hours served in these programs.

In Puerto Peñasco, the most popular programs among people not earning houses are community gardens, jewelry workshops, sewing, and discipleship classes. In Miguel Alemán, the bulk of those hours are served in house construction: neighbors with houses helping neighbors who need houses.

This is yet another reason why 1MISSION’s work always has been—and always will be—about so much more than a house.

This month, we’re inviting you to invest in community development. We’re inviting you to invest in the process as well as the result. We’re inviting you to invest in dignity.

Will you support community development today?

P.S. Your gift today will make a lasting difference in the families we serve—whether they’re earning a house or not. A one-time gift of $60, $125, or $300 will ensure these vital programs can continue and expand to reach more families.

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