Open Letter from Founder and CEO Jason Law

Dear 1MISSION Family,

As we continue to walk through one of the hardest years many of us have ever encountered, I want to encourage us with this: even when our own experiences threaten to overwhelm us, let us not abandon the poor of the world. Instead, let’s move toward them in partnership, finding hope together.

I know the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some way, but 1MISSION has been hit especially hard this year. Over 3000 people have canceled build trips, almost all our fundraising and awareness events have been canceled, and our projected revenue is down 50% – about $1.25m for the year.

In order to fulfill our mission, we have worked hard to maintain normal field programs and housing projects. But we have also made some drastic cuts in other areas. We have negotiated new terms with suppliers and vendors, as well as on lease agreements. To date, we have kept all of our field staff employed at full pay, while some US staff positions have been eliminated or furloughed. And our remaining US staff have taken a 25% pay reduction through the end of the year.

However difficult and necessary these cuts have been, they don’t help those that are most in need. The reality is that the challenges facing these communities still exist. Every day. All day. Families that were vulnerable before this pandemic are struggling even more today. Our team is committed to serving these families and doing EVERYTHING we can to support them during these unprecedented times. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Many of you love partnering with these families by coming to Mexico on build trips, working alongside them. We hope and pray we’ll be able to resume trips soon. But in the meantime, partners like you are asking what you can do to help.

To meet the challenges facing the families we serve, during September we’re asking everyone we know – including you – to join the Supply Yard, our community of monthly givers. Monthly gifts of any amount make a huge difference. If you join at $50/month or more, you will get a free Mexico build trip after a year of giving. Most importantly, as a member of the Supply Yard you’ll be helping to build houses each month – without picking up a hammer. Learn more and sign up today.

With your support, our work in Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua will continue. Families will continue serving their neighbors. Houses will continue being built by locals earning them. And the trajectories of families and communities will continue to be changed for the better.

On behalf of the entire 1MISSION team and the families we serve, thanks for your compassion and faithful partnership.


Jason S. Law
Founder, CEO

P.S. If you’re not in a position to join the Supply Yard as a monthly supporter, would you consider a one-time gift during September? A gift of any amount will make a lasting difference. Thank you!

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