#MoreThanAHouse. It’s more than a tagline.

For many of us, we’re living through the most difficult year of our lifetimes.

And we’re not out of the woods yet. In a year when phrases like “shelter in place” and “curbside pickup” have become part of our everyday vocabulary – and we long to return to some sense of normalcy – it’s important to remember that for families in need, those phrases represent luxuries. Luxuries they cannot afford.

This year, the families we serve are facing more challenges than ever before. Families without access to decent housing were already vulnerable. Now, with a global pandemic still not contained, they’re even more so.

That’s why we’re asking you to partner with us during this season of giving – to make sure that hardworking families in poverty gain something every family needs: safe, secure housing.

Thanks to everyone who gave generously on Giving Tuesday, we have already raised $30,000 toward our year-end goal of $150,000. What a great start!

If you’ve been part of the 1MISSION family for a while, you know that our work has always been about more than a house.

We’re committed to partnering with local leaders to build community together. By earning hours through locally-led initiatives like community gardens and COVID-19 prevention, families are being empowered to make their neighborhoods better – not just for themselves and their own kids but for their neighbors too.

Between now and the end of the year, watch for more stories of how the families we serve have not just survived what could have been the worst year, but have bravely and creatively doubled down on what they do best: building community despite the odds being stacked against them.

Watch for those stories soon. For now, we want to leave you with this video. Some of you may have seen it before, but it’s always worth seeing again. In three minutes it perfectly captures what we mean when we say #MoreThanAHouse.

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