Meet Marty, a Bikes Fight Poverty volunteer

Bikes Fight Poverty is fast approaching, just three weeks away. On April 22, riders will launch from the Mexican border town of Sonoyta and ride 65 miles to the finish line at Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort. Supporting the ride—and joining in the house build to follow—will be some incredible volunteers who make all of this possible. One of those volunteers is Marty Matthews. Read on to learn why he loves volunteering with 1MISSION and why you’ll want to join him!

1. What’s been your favorite part of volunteering for this event?

This event has a variety of opportunities to volunteer in numerous roles during the ride. Every year I am asked what role I want to volunteer for and I always respond with, “whatever position you need or no one else wants.” I’ve enjoyed the bike rack role probably the most as far as the work required, but the best part of volunteering is the relationships that form through collaborating for a cause much bigger than all of us, humanity! Meeting new people and rekindling old friendships while making a difference in the world for a family is life changing every year!

2. What would you say to someone who’s never volunteered for Bikes Fight Poverty before but is on the fence?

We are only blessed with so many opportunities to do something for others at the magnitude of this event. Supporting the event with your time and hard work during the ride and the build creates lifelong memories while providing a family safety, security, and comfort only a real home can provide. Do not wait, sign up as soon as you can and ride or volunteer, but be there for the build and change lives!

3. You’ve been on many build trips with 1MISSION over the years. How has working alongside a family on a build trip impacted the experience for you as a volunteer during ride weekend?

When we work with the family to build their home, a sense of pride and ownership goes into every swing of the hammer, every wheelbarrow of cement, every hand-cut piece of wood, and everything else we do to complete their home. The time with the family is humbling and peaceful. After completing the build and waving goodbye a feeling of accomplishment greater than most have ever felt comes over you. This is what we were designed and built to do. Love your neighbor and do all things in love!

To join Marty and make a lasting difference as a Bikes Fight Poverty volunteer, just complete the quick form below and we’ll be in touch! Right now, we’re looking to fill one medical team and two support and gear (SAG) teams.

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