Talking partnerships and zombies with Kristen Keogh, Partnerships Director

Anyone who has met Kristen (KK) knows she’s a natural connector. Long before joining our team, she was a friend of 1MISSION and energetically advocated for the cause. In this Q&A, KK opens up about how her work led her here, what drives her, and yes, her tendency to geek out over zombies.

How has your work as a reporter and broadcaster prepared you for this role?
In both roles, a big part of the job is to approach people and then make a pitch. It takes some courage. As a reporter, I have to convince people to go on TV with me, sometimes on the worst day of their lives. And if I’m going to ask someone to talk publicly about something bad that happened in their life, I need to approach them with compassion.

“What I’ve learned is that if you actually care, people can tell. I have had success getting interviews because people know I’m not asking them painful questions to be invasive, but because I truly want to share their story because I care.”

With 1MISSION, my job is to talk about a positive, significant thing that’s about to happen in the life of a family in poverty. That’s the message I take with me when I meet with a potential sponsor or partner. I’m comfortable doing this because I’ve done it so often in my work.

What drives you?
As a reporter, I have seen a lot of heartbreaking stuff. That’s why I love getting to see how lives are changed when they receive a house – it’s a reminder of all the good that’s also out there. I’m inspired when I see volunteers and supporters who care so much.

“All of this has taught me two things: to be selfless and to be grateful. “

Okay, let’s talk about zombies.
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic bladder disease called interstitial cystitis. It was a really rough time and I was pretty much bedridden. Normally I’m very active, so I was bored. All I could do was try and find something to distract me from the pain. That’s when I started watching The Walking Dead. I loved the characters and was hooked. It got me through that time. Now I love anything with zombies. I love the makeup, the different scenarios, thinking about what I’d do in certain situations. If it has anything to do with zombies, I’m just obsessed with it.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to be a zombie for Halloween.”

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UPDATE: As of March 2018, Kristen accepted a new position elsewhere. She still serves on our Thunder Board and continues to advocate on behalf of families earning homes, but is no longer officially part of the 1MISSION team.

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