Martina’s Story

If someone asked me to describe Martina in two words, I would say resilience and generosity.

Martina is one of the first people I got to know when 1MISSION started working in the community of Miguel Alemán about five years ago. A working mother, Martina continues to prove her love and commitment to her family regardless of the challenges they face.

Martina has been earning a house by participating in human development classes, part of her commitment to improve the lives of her family. Over the years, I’ve seen her children grow up—and some grandchildren be born! I’ve been with her as she and her family grieved the loss of a loved one. Yes, Martina is resilient.

She is also generous. Every time I visit Martina, I know one thing: I will not leave empty handed. She always sends me home with cantaloupe, lemons, mangos, or oranges. One way or another, she always has a gift for me.

Martina’s new house was dedicated this month. But that’s not at all the end of the story. As Martina tells me, she sees it as a new start.

“1MISSION changed my life—it was a new beginning,” Martina says. “I have been given the opportunity to see life differently, with hope. Now I know that there is another way to live, in harmony with myself, with God, with my family, and with this community.”

As much as any other part of my work with 1MISSION, I am especially thankful for relationships like the one I enjoy with Martina. Through laughter and tears, we have forged a friendship—bonds that are strong enough to endure. That’s what “building community” is all about.

And I know that Martina’s spirit and courage are an encouragement to other families in the community as well. Her life is a testament to what’s possible when community is built and relationships are transformed.

This giving season, we’re inviting you to partner with us as we serve families like Martina’s. Your generous partnership makes these stories possible. It makes these stories come to life.

Will you make a one-time gift of $60, $125, or $500 today?

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