María’s Dream

Everyone dreams.

But the places where we live shape us. They change how we see the world — our idea of what’s possible and where we fit in.

When we gave María a camera as part of our Dreams project and asked her to show us her world, she jumped at the opportunity.

She took pictures of her family, their pet birds, and little touches of beauty around the house — like creative arrangements of succulents and conch shells by the front door. She showed us her parents at work, building and cleaning. And she showed us one of her favorite places to spend time: the beach.

There’s a lot in her home and her community that she is proud to show us. But there are also some things she wants to change. Like closing the nearby garbage dump, so her family and their neighbors can breathe free.

María’s parents work hard to give her opportunities to pursue her dreams. One way they are doing that is by earning a new house through 1MISSION.

Living in a safe, secure house — with doors that lock, windows that close, and a weatherproof roof overhead — will keep María healthier. She’ll be more likely to finish school. And she’ll be more likely to do whatever it is she sets her mind on doing.

Who knows, maybe she’ll help to figure out a way for her city to recycle garbage without polluting the air everyone breathes.

Whatever she does with her life, whoever she becomes, María dreams of a better future. And right now, we’re inviting you to invest in these kinds of dreams.

When you give to 1MISSION, we tie your gift to a family like María’s, a family that is earning a new house. And once that house is built, we’ll send you a proof report, introducing you to the family whose dreams you’ve invested in.

Please give as generously as you can to help us build community — and invest in dreams — one house at a time.

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