Let’s Celebrate Bikes Fight Poverty!

There’s no way to tell the story of 1MISSION’s first 15 years without including the Bikes Fight Poverty story.

Originally a wild idea dreamed up by Ian and Erin Long a whopping 14 years ago, Bikes Fight Poverty has become so much more than an annual charity bike ride. Over the years—with literal blood, sweat, and tears to show for it—it’s become nothing less than a community.

This year’s ride, which happened on April 22, looked a little different than it had in years past. But the purpose was the same: providing safe, secure housing for families that need it. Riders didn’t just train for the ride, they also ran online fundraising campaigns, raising nearly $88,000 to transform lives!

All told, Bikes Fight Poverty campaigns have raised over $1.4 million since the event began all those years ago. 

So to everyone who has ever participated in Bikes Fight Poverty by riding or volunteering, sponsoring or giving—thank you!

This is your story. And it’s truly one to celebrate!

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