Just in time for Christmas, a 1MISSION children’s book!

Veronica lives in Mexico. Evelyn lives in the United States. Their lives are very different, or so they think.

In our brand new children’s book, A New House is a Big Deal, two girls discover the power of friendship and the meaning of home. Oh, and there’s a dog named Pepe.

This beautifully illustrated book is available now in our online store. Order by Friday, December 14 for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas.

Since the beginning, 1MISSION has partnered with entire families. While it is often the fathers and mothers who serve the 200 hours needed to earn a house, it is their children who benefit the most.

A safe, secure house improves the lives of parents. And that’s important. But even more, it fundamentally changes the trajectory of their kids’ lives. That’s an even bigger deal.

Kids who grow up with a decent roof over their head and a solid floor under their feet have a better chance of graduating high school. They stay healthier. And they have less reason to worry about their safety.

These kids are able to dream of opportunities that were never available to their parents. They dream of becoming doctors, teachers, lawyers, and police officers. They dream of creating an even better life for their own children someday.

While the children in this book are fictional characters, their dreams – and their friendship – are inspired by the true stories we hear every day.

Order A New House is a Big Deal for the children in your life today. Proceeds go to help put more families in houses – while fueling the dreams of real-life kids like Evelyn and Veronica!

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