Join Pedro on a house visit [VIDEO]

This has been a hard year for us in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, but thanks to God’s goodness and your generosity, we have been able to continue serving the families in some of the local communities where people have been struggling the most.

During the worst part of the pandemic so far, we distributed food baskets to families that didn’t have enough food to eat. Through our sewing program, we have continued to make masks that are keeping vulnerable people safe and are helping families earn money at a time when many people have lost their jobs.

And of course, our construction team has continued building houses for families that have earned them. Because local families are active participants in their own development, we have been able to keep construction going even though we had no trip participants until just a couple of weeks ago.

We can’t wait to welcome all of you back as soon as you can come (contact Mirla to sign up!), but we’re thankful that families are continuing to get safe, secure shelter in the meantime.

During this difficult and strange year, I have continued to visit families in the communities as much as possible. It’s something I love doing, even if we’re wearing masks and not able to shake hands or hug each other. I wanted to share one of these visits with you.

Recently I spent time with the Jaramillo Cervantes family and learned about the ways their lives have changed since they moved into their new house. As you’ll see, community development is about more than a house. Much more!

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