Ismael’s Dream

Ismael dreams of being a nurse, an instrument of healing for people in their time of need.

By serving hundreds of hours in their community, Ismael’s family has earned a new house. The trajectory of their lives will never be the same. That’s because kids who grow up in a safe, secure house stay healthier. They’re more likely to finish school.

Which means Ismael and his siblings will have opportunities their parents and grandparents may have never dreamed of. Opportunities to grow. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to dream.

This season, we’re inviting you to invest in the dreams of young people like Ismael.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. But nobody achieves their dream alone. It takes a loving family. It takes the support of teachers and neighbors and friends. It takes a community of people who care. Who believe.

These are the future leaders of their communities. Will you invest in their dreams by partnering with 1MISSION today?

P.S. Along with his brother Noel and his sister María, Ismael is featured in our short film Dreams. We’d encourage you to take five minutes to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

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