I’m riding this year. Join me?

Bikes Fight Poverty—1MISSION’s annual charity bike ride—is happening April 22, now just a month and a half away.
And though you can’t tell it by my face, I’m very excited. Why, you might ask?
Because, for the very first time, I’m riding this year. It’s no coincidence that I’m riding for the first time when the length of the ride has been reduced from 200 miles down to 65 miles. That’s actually the point!
When we made the switch from the two-day, 200-mile ride for this year’s more approachable route, one of the primary reasons for the change was to give more people the opportunity to ride—and to more easily engage everyone in the work we’re doing in Mexico.
Our hope is that normal people like you and me who may have been intimidated by the magnitude of the 200-mile ride will decide they are ready for the more reasonable challenge of 65 miles.
If that’s you, would you consider joining me and registering for the ride? Registration closes next Friday, March 17, so register today. You don’t have much time.
I look forward to riding with you!

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