Host a Party. Fund a House.

One of the big ways we fund 1MISSION’s work in the field is through our Gala, an event held every other year. A few hundred people get dressed up and come together at the Phoenix Art Museum to be inspired and have fun, while funding houses for the families we serve. It’s a big event with big results.

But the need for housing continues, even in the “off” years when we don’t have a Gala. So we decided to get creative.

This year, we’re introducing a new initiative that we hope will be just as fun and inspiring as the Gala, while allowing even more people to participate. And most importantly, it will help even more families in Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua gain access to housing.

Today, we’re launching Fund a House Party!

Here’s how it works: you host a party, with the goal of funding a house for a family in need. Think of it as an excuse to throw a bash and invite all of your favorite people—and to do it for a good cause. It’s like hosting your own mini gala!

It might be a sit-down dinner or a backyard BBQ. You may opt for a murder mystery meal or a casino night. Whatever you choose—and wherever you live, from Glendale to Gilbert, or Canada to Kentucky—you’ll have the freedom to make it your own.

And don’t worry, when it comes to fundraising, we’ve got your back.

As a host, you’ll get connected to a 1MISSION fundraising guru who will help you every step of the way to ensure your house party is a success. We’ll also provide these Fund a House Party essentials:

– Digital Assets
– 1MISSION Stickers
– 1MISSION Napkins
– 1MISSION Pamphlets
– 1MISSION Staff Business Cards
– 1MISSION Featured Family Information
– Online and In-Person Donation Options

If you’re interested in hosting a Fund a House Party, click the link below to get started!

Please let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to hop on a call!

Get in touch at 602-885-4009 or

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