“God exists! He gave us a miracle.”

This Christmas, we invite you to extend the spirit of Christmas to families who lack safe, secure housing.

Like Emilia, a mother of seven who lives with her family in Miguel Alemán, a small town near Hermosillo, Mexico. One of her daughters has suffered epileptic seizures since she was 2 years old, and another son has been confined to a wheelchair ever since a car accident left him unable to walk. Soon after the accident, Emilia’s husband abandoned her, leaving her to provide for her children alone.

“Before, all of us lived in a camper,” she recalls. “It was our refuge. It usually gave us shelter from the rain, but then water began to leak through small holes.”

Images: Emilia’s children.

Meanwhile, the family began to feel unsafe in the community due to the threat of violence by neighboring teenagers who had dropped out of school and became addicted to drugs. They began to pray for a new place to live where they would be safe and dry. But like most of their neighbors, they could not afford a new home on their own.

But then officials with the local government entered into a partnership with 1MISSION to build 500 houses in Miguel Alemán over the course of several years. 

“When they came to talk about the 1MISSION program I did not believe,” Emilia remembers. “But I realized it was real when the human development classes started and when the volunteer groups began to come to the community.”

Her house was completed in June. Now, for the first time in a long time, her family has a safe, dry place to sleep.

Left Image: An aerial view of Miguel Alemán. Right Image: Emilia and her family’s new house.

“Our dream came true,” Emilia says. “God exists! He gave us a miracle.”

As we celebrate the miracle of Christmas this year, will you help extend hope to more families like Emilia’s?

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