Destination ✈ El Salvador 🇸🇻

Later this week, a group of us will board a plane en route to El Salvador. For Jason, our founder and CEO, it will be a return visit. But for others, including me, it’ll be our first time visiting this small Central American country. We’re all really excited.

1MISSION has worked in El Salvador since 2012 in partnership with a likeminded community development organization called ENLACE. They have a long track record of mobilizing churches to do truly transformative work in communities throughout El Salvador. Housing is an important part of that work, but it’s just one component of many.

During our short stay in El Salvador, we’ll learn about what God has already done in one particular community, get to know local leaders and neighbors there, and help build a house for a family that has done their part to earn it. We’ll also get a chance to take in some of El Salvador’s legendary natural beauty.

As technology allows, Jason and I will be sharing live updates from the field on social media. So be sure you’re following 1MISSION on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then stay tuned for more stories once we’re back.

What do you want to know about El Salvador and our work there? Add your questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to get answers for you during the trip!


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  1. Tim Hoiland

    Hi Jon, as for the first question: yes. Our field partner in El Salvador is ENLACE and they partner with local churches everywhere they work throughout the country. The second question is much harder to answer, but we’ll see what we can learn during our visit!

  2. Brian Mayhew

    Hello Tim, do groups that go down, build a home. Is the home similar to what we do in Puerto Penasco, or
    are they masonry construction.? Do you have to be a brick layer? Tks, Brian Mayhew

    • Tim Hoiland

      Hi Brian, most of the houses built in El Salvador are done completely by locals, but we do try to send one team a year to work alongside them for a short amount of time. The house construction is unique to that location in order to withstand unique challenges like earthquakes and hurricanes. More info on these different house types here:

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