Celebrating Faithfulness

Author and pastor Eugene Peterson describes faithfulness as a long obedience in the same direction. It’s a long-term commitment, moving forward with a specific purpose in mind.

In some sense, this is what the Supply Yard—our monthly giving program—is all about. The Supply Yard is a committed group of people who participate in 1MISSION’s work of giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a house by serving their community. They believe in this mission so much, they do their part to sustain it faithfully over the long term.

Simply put, Supply Yard members make our work in the field possible.

A long obedience also describes the families we serve. As families engage in community development initiatives, they are beginning the long process of seeing their community rise up out of poverty. And honestly, that is what it will take to make a lasting difference: many people, working together, over a long period of time.

Take the Martínez Robles family, for example. Several years ago, Agustina and Fernando were living in a rundown trailer on their land lot in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Without the luxury of electricity, this couple endured hot summers without air conditioning and cold winters without heat.

They worked hard. Agustina cleaned houses, baked bread, and worked at a sushi restaurant in town. Fernando labored in a meat processing plant and moonlighted as a waiter at a watering hole on the beach. But they never could seem to get ahead.

When a neighbor told them about 1MISSION, they applied right away and began the process of earning a house. And from the beginning, this couple was all in, serving in a variety of initiatives. Agustina used her baking experience to teach classes to men and women in the Brisas del Mar neighborhood, giving them ways to better feed their families while maybe even earning some extra income.

Fernando, meanwhile, volunteered as part of the construction crew. In the process, he picked up valuable skills that he would later put to good use. He built an addition to their new house and did all the electrical work himself—including installing their much-anticipated air conditioning unit.

Since moving into their new house in November 2017, Agustina and Fernando have been intentional about making the place their own. “Now we have a home, not just a house,” Agustina says. “The money we used to pay in rent,” Fernando adds, “we now invest it in improving our home.”

This couple has also continued to serve in their community, long after fulfilling their initial commitment. These days, they’re involved in a community garden project. Agustina has also started selling handcrafts she made as part of a crochet class.

The Martínez Robles story is just one of many we could tell you about faithful service. But none of these stories would be possible without the faithful partnership of people like you.

Right now, I’m inviting you to join the 340 existing Supply Yard members who have committed to a long obedience in the same direction.

Whether it’s $10 per month or $500, your consistent giving goes a long way in supporting the ongoing work of the families earning houses. As these families serve month after month, you partner with them by giving month after month.

And if you join at $50 or more per month, you’ll be invited to a free Mexico build trip to serve alongside a local family!

Will you join us by making a monthly commitment today?

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