Creativity and Collaboration

On a Sunday afternoon earlier this summer, the community of Miguel Alemán enjoyed a wonderful time of collaboration and sharing.

Each family that participates in 1MISSION’s weekly workshops had the opportunity to set up a stand to show their neighbors what they had been working on as they put in service hours to earn a new house.

With more than 18 stands and over 200 attendees, the community workshops fair was an afternoon full of celebration. The families were proud and happy to present the work they did in recent months. The list of workshops represented is truly impressive: Art, Embroidery, Weaving, Sewing, Triqui Kitchen, Haircutting, Handmade Soaps, Construction, Social Assistance, Community Garden, Recycling, Health, Pastry, Liturgy and Preaching, Music, Logistics, Multimedia, Dance, Children’s Ministry, Volunteering, Prayer, Administration and Finance, Education, and Community Service.

At 1MISSION, we celebrate and honor each family that has made the decision to change their life, seizing the opportunity to start building a new future for themselves and future generations.

Community development takes time. Building community does not happen by magic or overnight. It requires love, faith, hope, and commitment.

As an organization, we are committed to the integral development of each member in the communities where we work. Thank you for being part of the incredible story of hundreds of families in Mexico.

Next Monday, August 16, be sure to check out a pop-up Artisan Marketplace in our online store. The pop-up will feature handcrafts made by artisans in Miguel Alemán and Puerto Peñasco, the two communities in Mexico where 1MISSION works. Supplies will be limited!

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