Celebrating Build Trips

Like many of you, my first experience with 1MISSION came through a house building trip. It’s hard to believe that was almost 15 years ago!

Since the beginning, build trips have been one of the key ways people like you have gotten involved in 1MISSION’s work. Trip participants give up their time to get their hands dirty, working side by side with local families. As we always say, these build trips are about people—not projects. Efficiency takes a backseat to relationships. As it should.

As 1MISSION celebrates 15 years this month, it’s amazing to look back and consider just how many of you have joined us on build trips. According to our records, we have hosted 31,426 people at basecamp, spread across 363 trips. Wow!

In my role as trips coordinator, the best part of my job is getting to work with our incredible team in Puerto Peñasco. Your trip experience just wouldn’t be the same without them! I’m thinking of Leo, our basecamp host and resident theologian/political pundit. And Ramón, our chef, and his dedicated team of staff and volunteers who prepare delicious meals, day in and day out. I think too of Harris and his construction crew on job sites, ensuring there’s always a professional on hand whenever the rest of us amateurs need it. And finally, of course, I think of Pedro, our Mexico country director. To know Pedro is to love Pedro.

Every trip weekend gives me opportunities to meet new people. I always look forward to that, even as I’m also thrilled to see those of you who come back to serve, time after time.

So whether you’ve served on a build trip once, twice, or a dozen times, thank you!

P.S. We’re now scheduling trips for the upcoming build season, beginning in September. Take a look at the calendar and let us know when you’d like to come!

Image: The Yochim family on their first build trip, way back in November 2008.


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