Calling all UNTERNS!

We’re not your typical nonprofit.
So, we’re looking for not your typical interns.

What you won’t do:

  • Take coffee orders.
  • Endless, mind-numbing document filing.
  • Make copies all day.
  • Work around the clock in a windowless room.
  • Did we mention filing?

What you will do:

  • Change the world.

Our internship program is designed to be a win-win. Don’t believe us? Just ask Ali.

We’ll work hard to make your internship work for you – giving you real opportunities to grow in your chosen field, to learn from experienced professionals, and absolutely to have some fun along the way. That’s a win for you.

Meanwhile, you’ll be making real contributions to the work of fighting poverty, one house at a time. Now that’s a win for everyone.

If you’re all about menial tasks, have fun with that. But if you’re ready to change the world, we want to hear from you!

Who? Any college student up for the challenge.
What? Not your parents’ internship.
When? We’ll work with your school schedule.
Where? At our offices in downtown Phoenix.
Why? To change the world.
How? Apply now at

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