Building Dreams

I like to say that at 1MISSION we don’t just build houses—we build dreams.

I’ve been thinking about that recently, as we have just celebrated the grand opening of the “Building Dreams” community center and soup kitchen for children here in the community of Miguel Alemán in Mexico.

This project meets the need for a safe place where children, youth, and families can come to learn, find purpose, and dream. It is a place that truly inspires. Day to day, the center will serve as a meeting place for a whole range of community development workshops, from literacy classes to baking projects, and so much more. Eventually, we hope to offer computer classes too, using technology as a tool for development.

So much learning will happen here. And as we know, nutrition is essential for healthy brain function. A few weeks ago, in partnership with a local food bank and the City of Hermosillo, we opened a community dining room in the center where boys and girls are welcome to come at lunch and dinner for a plate of hot, nutritious food. The kitchen is 100% operated by volunteers from the community. And already we are serving more than 100 children each day.

On behalf of the community and my team at Miguel Alemán, I want to thank you for believing in 1MISSION, for believing in families, for believing in development, and for supporting the dreams of a community that now has a voice. Thanks to your partnership, we’re seeing a new generation of leaders being raised up in this community.


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