Q&A with Bikes Fight Poverty Virtual Ride rockstar Jen Yee

Last month we opened registration for our 2020 Bikes Fight Poverty event. And for the second year in a row, this includes a Virtual Ride – giving just about everyone the opportunity to use their bike to help put families in houses.

We asked Jen Yee, one of our Virtual Ride rockstars (who makes an appearance or two in our new promo video), to share a little bit about her experience being part of it last year.

1M: We’ve been telling people how awesome the Virtual Ride is, but we may be biased. How much fun is it REALLY?

JY: For me, the Virtual Ride was a social gathering for my friends and neighbors. We also took every chance we could get to be competitive and sneak in extra miles when the others were not around just so we could take the lead.

We would show up for our five-mile ride and brag about how we actually had already done two miles before we met up so we could get seven that day and all they were gonna get was five!

We biked at the gym, ran errands to Lowe’s, went to breakfast, happy hour, and even toured Christmas lights on our bikes just so we could get our miles in.

1M: What are some of the creative ways you’ve gone about recruiting other people to get in on the fun with you?

JY: I just enjoy socializing and talking about my experiences with the families 1MISSION serves. So I think my excitement radiates and people want a part in it. I guess you could just say this is a case where peer pressure is beneficial!

I have watched my husband do the two-day ride for a few years and that is not my speed so I was excited to see an opportunity where I could also get involved on the fundraising side of it and have a blast doing it.

I think a lot of people love to be challenged and that’s what the Virtual Ride does. It’s perfect for children wanting to ride to support children just like them across the border, or others deciding they want to start working out, or friends wanting to hang out, or just wanting those miles at the gym to count for something bigger.

Everyone has different motives for getting their miles in but the main goal is to provide safe housing for our 1MISSION friends!

1M: Bikes Fight Poverty is a ton of fun, but at the end of the day, it’s all about raising money and awareness to put families in homes. Why are you personally committed to this cause?

JY: A few years back we took our kids on a build trip as one of their Christmas presents. From that first trip we could see relationships forming, peace felt, lives changed, and communities built.

We love going back twice a year to build and even reconnect with the families that we have built with in the past and seeing how much their lives have changed for the better. These amazing families have hope!

Learn more about the Virtual Ride here. And then join Jen by making a lasting difference using your bike!


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