Bikes Fight Poverty takes a bow

Dear Partners,

Bikes Fight Poverty began 15 years ago as a crazy idea put into action by 1MISSION supporters Erin and Ian Long, who wanted to do something more to make a difference in the lives of the families we serve. No one could have imagined how big the event would become, how long it would last, or how many lives would be impacted.

The story of Bikes Fight Poverty is a story of ordinary partners just like you getting creative, taking the initiative, and building a movement that’s been both fun and transformative. Since the beginning, 523 different riders have participated and more than 100 volunteers have pitched in to make the event a success year after year. To date, together we have raised $1.4 million through Bikes Fight Poverty, impacting the lives of thousands of people in the communities we serve.

In recent years, Bikes Fight Poverty has undergone major changes in response to a variety of challenges outside of our control. The first shifts came in 2021 because of the pandemic and the subsequent border closure. Since then, further changes have been made—listening to feedback from our riders—in order to better ensure safety, without compromising what has always made the event such a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Most of all, through every twist and turn, we have sought to keep the focus of the event on what matters most: giving more and more families access to the safe, secure housing they need and deserve.

With that in mind, it is bittersweet to let you know that our team recently made the difficult decision that the upcoming event on Saturday, March 2 will be the last official Bikes Fight Poverty ride.

Our goal as an organization is to put as many families in homes as possible and to transform communities through holistic community development. For years, Bikes Fight Poverty has been critical in accomplishing that purpose. But we’ve come to the realization that in the years to come we will be better able to accomplish our mission and steward our time and resources by investing in other areas.

Ian and Erin Long shared this comment: “Saying goodbye to BFP is difficult. Focusing on the families whose lives have been—and will continue to be—changed by community development makes it easier. The impact from BFP will be felt for generations and for that we are forever grateful.”

As we mentioned earlier, Bikes Fight Poverty has always been what it is because of you—the riders, volunteers, and donors who share a common cause. So the good news is that just as Bikes Fight Poverty was once a crazy idea, there’s no reason why more crazy ideas can’t become reality too. Just because we’re not organizing it doesn’t mean you can’t still ride your bike and raise money—or take whatever else you already love doing and turn it into an opportunity to serve others. As always, our partnerships team is here to help you raise money so that together we can continue to build community, one house at a time.

In the meantime, we’ve got one more big ride to go. And we want you to be part of it. Register before February 2 for $49—and get that training and fundraising underway!

If you can’t ride, we’d invite you to volunteer. Or at the very least, come out to Buckeye on March 2 to cheer on the riders and celebrate everything Bikes Fight Poverty has meant to so many of us for so long.

The story of Bikes Fight Poverty will always be an amazing, inspiring one. We’re proud and thankful for everything we’ve accomplished together. And we look forward to everything that’s yet to come.

With gratitude,

Nate Hughes,
VP, Partnerships

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