Friends don’t let friends train alone 🚴 🚴

Let’s face it: riding a bike 200 miles through the desert isn’t for the faint of heart.

Riders who sign up for Bikes Fight Poverty know they may encounter all kinds of stuff – wind and rain, heat and exhaustion, roadkill and tumbleweed. Whatever happens, they need to be prepared. It’s the wild west out there, after all.

If you’ve already registered or you’re thinking about it, here’s some good news. First, you still have four months to prepare. And second, you won’t be left to do any of this – even the training – on your own.

Every year, we hear from riders who tell us how much the camaraderie with other riders means to them, whether it’s group training rides or the actual ride itself. That’s why starting this time of year we organize official training rides and riders organize their own, ranging from 10 miles all the way up to 100 miles!

Hear from Derek on why training together makes all the difference.

Be sure to join the Bikes Fight Poverty group on Facebook, to stay in the loop about all of this. (Virtual Riders, you’re welcome to join these training rides too – and count the miles toward your goal!)

As you prepare for the big ride, now is the perfect time to begin taking advantage of the official Bikes Fight Poverty training schedule, brought to you by Cadence Physical Therapy & Wellness. If you follow this plan, your body should be primed and ready to go in February. Also, Cadence has provided helpful tips on using a foam roller, so you can keep rolling on your bike without any pain. See all of our training tips here.

Happy pedaling!

Haven’t registered yet? You still have time – but don’t wait too much longer.

1MISSION’s Bikes Fight Poverty ride launches from downtown Phoenix on February 9, 2019, with cyclists pedaling 200+ miles over two days to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Throughout the world, one in five people lacks adequate shelter – living in dirt-floor houses made of scrap wood, tarps, and trash. 1MISSION’s Bikes Fight Poverty event increases awareness of this poverty so close to home, and raises funds to partner with those fighting it. We promise it will be the best weekend you’ve ever spent on a bike!

We’ve added a Virtual Ride! This means you can support the cause without ever leaving your neighborhood or your gym. Learn more here.

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