Vulnerable and resilient

Vulnerability is one way of describing families who lack adequate shelter. But another word that describes them is resilience. The story of Soraya Morales and her family demonstrates both.

Born in Puerto Peñasco 45 years ago, Soraya and her two kids live in a house borrowed from the owner, who is currently living in a different area. Once that owner returns, however, the family will have to move out – likely without notice.

Image: Soraya and her daughter standing alongside trees they planted in preparation for their new house.

The insecurity of not knowing how long they will be able to live in this house causes a great deal of stress. Understandably, they feel vulnerable.

But they are also resilient. Soraya works at a local taco stand and cleans houses to provide for her family. Her son Eduardo, 19, has graduated from high school and helps to support the family with the money he earns as a butcher. Soraya’s daughter Valeria, 16, is still in school.

Determined to create a better future for her family, Soraya began making payments on a parcel of land a year ago – since land ownership is one of the requirements for a family to qualify to earn a house through 1MISSION.

Soraya learning plastering skills

Soraya and daughter under shade structure

Left Image: Soraya creating plaster sculptures from drywall mud. Right Image: Soraya and her children prepped the land by adding trees and a shade structure prior to building their new house.

Over the past year, Soraya began serving in the community by learning to do hand embroidery, working in a community gardening, and creating plaster sculptures from drywall mud.

Meanwhile, she and the kids have already started making improvements to the land. They have cleared the lot, put up a fence around the perimeter of the property using wood pallets, and had the city water service installed. They have planted two trees and have constructed a shade structure where they can rest during breaks from working in the hot sun. They are even preparing a compost on their property so they will have fertile soil for a garden once they are living in their new home.

Hundreds of families like Soraya’s are now in the process of earning their homes. With your support, we can ensure that when they have completed the process, their house will be funded and ready to be built without delay.

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